2019-2020 Membership & Fee Information

Sopris Barracudas Swim Team (SBST) is a self-sustaining, parent run, not-for-profit organization. The Sopris Board of Directors is responsible for the financial soundness of the team. It is only through prudent management of our resources, and a clear understanding of the following financial obligations and procedures by each family, that the team will be able to continue to provide a quality program for current and future swimmers.  The annual fees and payment plans are outlined below, as are the team policies regarding financial matters.  For billing questions email info@teamsopris.org.


SBST agrees to provide a membership from September 2019- August 2020. 

The annual registration fee of $50 includes the required Colorado Swimming Inc. registration fee, team t-shirts, team cap (except what is listed below). Registration fee must be paid prior to swimmer starting practice.

SBST Annual Membership Dues are based the level of swimmer as determined by the coach. Please see Swim Groups for a description of these groups.

     Discovery Group (DG): $630
     Challenge 1 Group (C1G): $760
     Challenge 2 Group (C2G): $890
     Cuda Group (Cuda): $1,020
     Junior Group (JR): $1,150
     Senior Group (SR): $1,280
     High School Prep Group (HS): $460


In order to participate on the SBST, swimmers will be responsible for being members of the Glenwood Springs Community Center.  Click here for information on Community Center passes.

Families will be able to choose from one of the following two payment plans to pay their annual membership dues (excluding the one-time registration fee and the Active Processing Fee, as that is required to be paid in full before the swimmer is allowed to participate):

1) Monthly Payment Plan: The one-time Registration Fee and the ACTIVE Processing Fee are due at registration. 11 monthly payments to be made starting in September and ending in July.  Club swimmers who pay the 11 monthly payments will receive the month of August for free. 



     Discovery - $63

     Challenge 1 - $76

     Challenge 2 - $89

     Cuda - $102

     Junior - $115

     Senior - $128

     HS Prep - $46

(2) Payment In Full: Payment in full must be made by September 30, 2019.  There will be no pro-rations or refunds for annual payments except in exceptional circumstances as approved by the Board of Directors.               


Families will receive a 10% discount on their Membership Dues for each child after the first child. Discounts will be taken off the lowest group level. Families will be billed under one account unless otherwise requested.  ALL siblings must be registered at the same time to receive discount.

USA Swimming Officials will be eligible for the following discounted swim team fees:

                  Stroke & Turn: 20% first swimmer, 10% all others in family
                  Starter: 40% first swimmer, 10% all others in family
                  Referee: 60% first swimmer, 10% all others in family
                  Meet Referee: 100% first swimmer, 10% others in family

A minimum of 26 sessions (in 8 separate meets) must be worked in order to receive discount. For  more information on becoming an official, please visit the Officials' Page of the CSI website.  Please contact info@teamsopris.org for coupon code prior to registering.

A limited number of scholarships are available. Applications must be turned in 30-60 days before the start of the season that the Scholarship/Grant is to be used for. The Scholarships/Grants are limited to the availability of funds, and are awarded on a first come, first serve basis. A renewal application must be completed for each year. Click here for application.

Sopris swimmers will be eligible to swim in a variety of competitive meets. Meet registration fees and event fees vary from meet to meet and are posted on each meet invite.  A $15 travel fee for all meets outside of the Roaring Fork Valley will also be added to the total of the meet fees to help cover coaching expenses, excluding Aspen meets which are $5/swimmer. Meet fees will be charged to the swimmer's account following the swim meet.  There are no refunds for a swimmer who enters a meet and then does not attend the meet.  There may be additional fees for travel trips & championship meets that are out of the state.

Swimmers will be required to participate in all SBST fundraising events and raise the minimum amounts listed below each year.  Families with more than one swimmer will be required to raise the level of the swimmer in the highest class plus $50 for each additional child. Swimmers that swim 5 months or less during the swim calendar year will be required to raise 50% of the amount listed below.  There are no fundraising requirements for first year swimmers that join May-July. If a swimmer does not meet the required amount by August 1st, their account will be charged the difference. Please see the fundraising tab for this year's fundraisers.           

     Discovery Group:  $100
     Challenge 1 Group: $150
     Challenge 2 Group: $200
     Cuda Group: $250
     Junior Group: $300
     Senior Group: $350

Since the SBST is a volunteer, not-for-profit, parent-run organization, we cannot operate without the parental involvement so the following is vital to the success of the team.  Each family will be required to volunteer their time based on the requirements listed below.  Requirements are based on the highest level swimmer for families with more than one swimmer.  All points must be logged through the Active.com team site.  Volunteer points remaining for the Season Requirements at the end of the year will be billed at a rate of $25/point on August 1st.  Volunteer points remaining for the Meet Support Requirements at the end of the year will be billed at a rate of $50/point on August 1st.Please see the Volunteer Opportunities tab for a list of the committees.  Swimmers that swim 5 months or less during the calendar year will be required to complete 50% of the volunteer hours listed below. There are no volunteer requirements for first year swimmers that join May-July.

Volunteer Buyout Fee: You can opt to pay a one-time Volunteer Buyout Fee of $350 which will exclude you from participating in fundraising volunteer opportunities. This fee however does NOT exclude you from volunteering at our home swim meets.

     GROUP              SEASON REQ. *      MEET SUPPORT REQ. **

     Discovery          4 Points ($100)      4 Points ($200)

     Challenge 1      5 Points ($125)      4 Points ($200)

     Challenge 2      6 Points ($150)      4 Points ($200)

     Cuda                  7 Points ($175)      4 Points ($200)

     Junior                 8 Points ($200)      5 Points ($250)

     Senior                8 Points ($200)      5 Points ($250)

* Season Requirement: 1 point = .Anything from 1 point for baking cupcakes to 3 points for working at the turkey trot. 
** Meet Support Requirement: 1 point = 1 session worked at a home meet

Our team hosts meets during the season to give our swimmers the opportunity to swim close to home.  Each family must work 1-2 sessions at each meet hosted by the SBST and donate an item for hospitality. Families may also be asked to time or provide other meet support at away meets if required by the hosting team. If you paid the Volunteer Buyout Fee, it does not exclude you from volunteering at our home meets.


In the event the coach recommends a swimmer be moved up to a higher level during the season, the family will be notified. Monthly fees for the remainder of the agreement will be based on the higher group rate.

Families who join after the September registration period will pay the entire registration fee plus monthly membership fees starting with the first month their swimmer starts with the team and continuing until the July payment has been made. 

Families have the option to put their membership on hold by paying a holding fee equal to 20% of the monthly dues which will be charged for each month on hold.  Written notice must be provided 30 days prior to the intended hold date.  Upon return, the annual membership will again be invoiced for the balance of the year. If you opt to not pay the holding fee your membership will be canceledand you will be required to re-register upon your return. Developmental groups are not subject to the holding fee.  

Families must submit a written letter of resignation 30 days prior to intended date of resignation.  The family will be responsible for any unpaid balances owed at the time of resignation.  Families of new swimmers may cancel their membership at the end of two weeks if they decide not to continue, and receive a 50% refund of the registration fee paid.  Written request for refund must be submitted by the last day of the two week trial period.   

Families are required to set up an online account with Active to register their swimmers.  Since all billing is done through Active, families are also required to enter either a checking account or credit card at the time of registration.  Payments for membership dues, meet fees and any other fees incurred will will be taken out automatically each month. The initial payment is due at time of registration.  If your check is returned due to insufficient funds, you will be charged for any expenses incurred by the team in addition to a $30 returned check fee. Should collections actions on your account become necessary, you will be responsible for all costs associated with collections actions, to include court costs and/or legal fees. All funds owed to Sopris Barracuda Swim Team from the previous swimming year must be paid in full before the swimmer is allowed to participate in the new swimming year.



The SBST is subject to any pool closures the Glenwood Springs Community Center might have.

Registration: $22 ($10 - USA Swimming Seasonal Membership, allows for a limited number of club meets a swimmer can participate in and $12 - LSC fee which is paid to the club's Zone 4 - Western Slope Swimming Organization).
Membership Dues: $46/month

High School Conditioning group is not required to participate in fundraising or volunteering. Family, officiating discounts not applicable.



Swimmer Code of Conduct
Parent Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct Addendum
Liability Release
Scholarship Application 

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