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Here are some great sources for those of you getting ready for college:

Selecting a university is one of the most important things a person will do. Help yourself make the right choice personally, academically, and athletically. If you are interested in swimming in college, visit for a comprehensive comparison of NCAA division, school costs, athletic and total financial aid awarded, and average admittants' test scores.

If you believe a college education is out of your reach because of the cost, think again. A tremendous number of financial resources can help make your dream of a college degree a reality. Here's a quick, easy-to-read primer on college financial aid to get you started:  An Overview of College Financial Aid.

Helpful Links:

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Sopris alumni who swam, are swimming, or have committed to swim in college:
(Please email Audrey Imhoff 
to add your child to this list)


Amelie Ogilby - University California-Santa Barbara


Bennett Jones - Pomona-Pitzer


Amy Madsen - University of Puget Sound

Quinn MacPherson - CU Boulder club team  


Aeson Akins - Augustana University SD


Sally McDonnell - CU Boulder club team


Kristin Davis--Florida Southern College

Zoe Lyon--Union College


Hannah Stinson--Lake Forest College

Kendall Vanderhoof--Kenyon College

Jessica Tuttle--US Air Force Academy

Zeb Thorson--Lake Forest College


Zachary Baker--Coast Guard
Luke Herron--Augustana College


Jack Cassidy--University of Tampa


Lily Thorsen--Lake Forest College

Keevyn Scholl--St. Louis University

Prior Graduates

Emily McDonald--Middlebury College

Sierra Grove--University of Idaho

Jackie Hynson--Indiana University Pennsylvania

Kathleen Lyon--St. Francis University

Catherine Schaffner--University of Northern Colorado

Raphael Joly--Lake Forest College

Rachael Ray -- Colorado State University

Elena Roberts -- Colorado State University

Claire Noone -- Whitman College

Michelle McReynolds -- University of Northern Colorado

Katie Schaffner -- University of Northern Colorado

Jennifer Betts -- University of Northern Colorado

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