Coaches Corner

Team Sopris Deep Freeze - November 16, 2022

Coach's Commentary

Coaches observations on the Sopris Meet, November 12-13, 2022.  The Sopris parents showed out in full force.  From running the timing system, to officiating, to marshaling the swimmers, to providing hospitality and safety, and to just plain cheering on the swimmers – the Sopris parents did an excellent job.  Well done.  The swimmers as a whole continue to achieve greater starts, turns, underwaters, and being the first swimmer to the first wall.  There were many notable performances.  To point out some performances is always a danger because it risks overlooking other performances that may have been equally notable.  Nevertheless, standing out in my mind are: Ashley Cullen with a 24 second drop on her last race of a difficult racing day; Sylvia Duchscher with 6 best times and 6 fast races; Isla Friel with the same; Brigitte Gordon with great competitive grit and 5 fast races; Sylas Jaouen with a total of one minute in total dropped time spread over 5 races; Ryleigh Kimmel with 5 great races; Sam Moon dropping time in 5 races; Henry Sanders dropping time in all 8 of his already fast races; Claire Scarpitti with 6 personal record breaking swims; Rylee Stuemke with 5 best times, and Ainsley Taucher with 7 new best times.  Even this extensive list leaves out some great performances.  Overall, the Sopris Barracudas are getting the idea that swimming fast is fun and in order to race fast one must train fast.  Keep up the good work.

Coaches log - March 8, 2022

State meets - Coach summary

Team Sopris took Henry Sanders and Marc Zwickl to Silver State and Bella Frisbie to AG State over the last two weeks.  Almost every swim was a best time!  Henry, at 8 years old, swam in the 9-10 age group.  Despite the age gap he won the 100 IM and the 100 BR by significant margins.  All three swimmers have remarkable traits.  They filter all coaching input through the grid of “race.”  They all are remarkable “racers.”   The sky is the limit for all three swimmers. Team Sopris took 25 swimmers to the Bronze State meet, and across the team, we had double digit time drops.  Truly a great showing by all!!  Congratulations!!

Go Sopris!

CSI Long Course Invite - June 3-5, 2022 Coach Summary

Taking swimmers down to Denver for stiffer competition is important.  The Sopris Barracudas took five swimmers to the CSI meet in Thornton last weekend.  While all the swimmers gave great effort and provided great team spirit, two swimmers stood out.  Marc Zwickl has been with the team a little less than a year and is already showing great promise.  He qualified to swim in the evenings in all three of his events.  He is growing in his ability to take instruction, implement it, and compete.  In other words, he is growing in grit.  As a result he won the B finals in the 50 backstroke and broke a team record in the process.  Amelie Ogilby has been growing in grit for some time now.  Only grit would compel a swimmer to desire to compete against the best swimmers, including tough college swimmers, in the state.  While falling short of first place, nevertheless she swam very well and broke a team record in the 200 IM in the process.  There are no limits on a swimmer desiring to compete and growing in grit.  Well done, Sopris Swimmers!