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Swimmers will be required to participate in SBST fundraising events and raise the minimum amounts listed below each year.  Families with more than one swimmer will be required to raise the level of the swimmer in the highest class plus $50 for each additional child. Swimmers that swim 5 months or less during the swim calendar year will be required to raise 50% of the amount listed below. If a swimmer does not meet the required amount by August , they will be responsible for paying the difference.  

           Discovery Group: $100
           Challenge 1 Group:  $150
           Challenge 2 Group: $200   
           Cuda Group:  $250
           Junior Group: $300
           Senior Group: $350


There are several fundraisers each year where swimmers will have the opportunity to meet their fundraising requirements.  Please see the fundraisers listed below or on the Current Fundraiser tab for details on these programs. Also, don't forget to sign up your City Market card below as this earns the team additional money.

This is our annual fundraiser typically held in October to raise money for the team.

As you know, the Sopris Barracuda Swim Team is a non-profit, sponsor & fee supported organization, training amazing, dynamic, talented competitive swimmers. We are celebrating our 47th year and our philosophy is for every swimmer to be prepared to compete to the maximum of his or her ability, and to have fun doing so. One hundred percent of the funds collected for this event are retained by the team to help finance its swimming program. Each swimmer is will swim as many laps as they can over one continuous two-hour period in the water. Donations are tax deductible.  Each year, prizes are awarded to the top three fundraisers of the event.  Go Swimmers! We will need lots of parent volunteers for this event.  

In 2012, Team Sopris and the High School Swim Teams joined together and took over the annual GWS Turkey Trot.  Swimmers will have an opportunity to pre-sell registrations as well as volunteer at this fun Thanksgiving day race.  Contact: Coach Steve

If you are interested in sponsoring the swim team, please contact Coach Steve. Donations made by swim team families will count towards their fundraising requirements. 

Please talk to the coach about current equipment needs.

To sign up, please go to to sign up. You will need to do this each year in December. Pass this link along as friends and family can participate in this too!  CITY MARKET CARES INFO

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