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Welcome to Team Sopris Swimming. The primary mode of communication for the team is electronic. Watch for emails from the team, and check this website frequently for updated information. This page is your gateway to information and suggestions for providing a meaningful experience for your swimmer. Many parents, new and old, wonder what their role in this experience can and should be. In addition to your parenting role, you are responsible to fulfill volunteer hours. Vounteering is a great way to learn about the sport of swimming and develop friendships while making a contribution to your child's team. Visit the Volunteer page for a list of opportunities. Joining a new organization can be confusing. We encourage you to talk to other Sopris parents at practices and meets. Make friends.  (Wearing your Sopris gear at meets makes you easier to find!). Ask for help if you do not understand something. Get phone numbers of other swimmers and their families in case of emergencies or to help with meets. Experienced parents remember what it was like to be new to the sport and are glad to help.USA Swimming is a national organization, which has some great information about the sport on their website. Go to the navigation bar and click on "Parents." In terms of competition, USA Swimming divides the country into four Zones (Eastern, Central, Western, and Southern). Each Zone is composed of Local Swim Committees (LSC). LSCs are roughly equivalent to states. Each swimming team belongs to one and only one LSC. Our swimming club, the Sopris Barracudas, is a member of the Colorado Swimming LSC (CSI). The Colorado LSC is in the Western Zone. The links below provide guidelines for parents new to the team.

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